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Our Story

Hello my fellow travellers, let's start at the beginning, shall we? In the ancient cradle of civilization, when humanity was just beginning to write its history, an artefact appeared that perhaps did not come from our world. A tool so advanced that it was misunderstood by future generations. When mediaeval treasure hunters discovered a wealth of jewellery, gold and precious stones, they were unable to appreciate the artefact among the other treasurers. Nevertheless, the artefact survived and possibly reached the hands of the genius Leonardo da Vinci. It is said that Leonardo and the famous mathematicians of the time used all the available knowledge of mathematics to decipher the artefact. It is clear from the surviving documentation that the instrument was named Trigōnon metron. Unfortunately, Leonardo never succeeded in reviving the instrument and for the next 500 years, the artefact was hidden in private collections, covered in dust. Only today, using the knowledge of modern mathematics and advanced technology, have we finally managed to uncover its secrets and find the key to activating the device.Today we know that this device is infact a navigational portal.

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